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Copper Electrolytic Plant
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Product: Views:118Copper Electrolytic Plant 
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Last updated: 2019-08-09 15:05

The copper electrolysis plant uses the electrolysis technology to purify and enrich copper. The main equipment in the electrolysis plant includes electrolyzers and corrosive materials, electrolytes and circulating pipes, pumps, ventilation facilities, and anode and cathode units.

Copper electrolysis plant

Copper electrolytic plant

Copper electrolysis refining plant

Product Features (Characteristics)
Our design for your electrolysis plant has the following characteristics:
1. The configuration is reasonable, compact and easy to manage.
2. Adopting China's mature and reliable production technology to reduce construction investment.
3. The anode plate loading trough adopts ordinary bridge crane, special spreader, and manual assist.
4. The starting sheet processing is mechanized and manually assisted.
5. The anode plate is shaped and processed by manual method, and the place where the automatic unit is used at the appropriate time is reserved.
6. Adopt various energy-saving measures to reduce energy consumption.
7. Strengthen the lighting and ventilation of the workshop and improve the labor hygiene conditions.
8. It is recommended that the anode plate be quantitatively cast to create favorable conditions for the electrolysis workshop to improve product quality, reduce energy consumption and reduce labor intensity.

Product Appearance (Structure)
Our design scope for your electrolysis plant:
1)The full process design of the workshop including process calculation, craft configuration, non-standard process equipment design, standard process equipment calculation and selection, process pipeline design.
2)Water supply system design of the workshop.
3)Heating system design of the workshop
4)Design and type selection of direct current system, including design of DC busbar, design and type selection of direct current equipment.
5)Procurement scheme of crafts materials, compile purchasing list
The following are provided by buyer:
6)Design of civil engineering drawings
7)Power supply part,including power distribution room,layout of the power line,workshop light.(Provide power supply, installed capacity etc.)
8)Electrolytic direct current is high voltage power supply, the buyer is responsible for supplying power to rectiformer.
9)Purification system direct current is low voltage power supply.

Workshop Components
1)Electrolytic workshop
2)Purification workshop

Product Working Method (Principle)
The electrolytic refining of copper is to cast the refined copper by the fire method into an anode plate, using a pure copper sheet as a starting piece (cathode piece), and interphasely charging the electrolytic cell, using an aqueous solution of copper sulfate and sulfuric acid as an electrolyte. Under the action of direct current, the copper on the anode and the base metal with a lower potential are electrochemically dissolved into the electrolyte, while the noble metal is insoluble, and the anode mud sinks at the bottom of the electrolytic cell. At the cathode, copper ions get electrons and crystallize at the cathode to obtain the cathode copper of the product, while other base metals with a lower potential cannot be precipitated on the cathode, and remain in the electrolyte, and are removed when the electrolyte is periodically cleaned.

We have professional export team and logistics team which have many years of enperiences of exporting and tranporting the equipment to save you any troubles in delivering the equipment to your site, the machines could be dealed in Incoterms of FOB Shanghai or CIF destination or as designated by you.

We would send you our engineers to guide you in installation and commissioning of your equipment, also our engineers will train your people in how to operate and maintain your equipment.

After Sale
Our company has set up a number of tough emergency service team, on-site experienced engineers and senior technicians who can arrive on the scene in the fastest time for any problems, maintenance and replacement.
The warranty period of our equipment is one year from the date of completion of commissioning. During the warranty period, the fees of maintenance and materials caused by the bad quality of our equipment will be borned by our company; the fees of maintenance and materials caused by the buyer will be borned by the buyer.