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Upward Continuous Oxygen-free Copper Rod Casting Machine
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Product: Views:106Upward Continuous Oxygen-free Copper Rod Casting Machine 
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Last updated: 2019-03-13 17:48

The Upward Continuous Oxygen-free Copper Rod Casting Machine is designed for producing high-conductivity oxygen-free copper rod, when changing the mold clamping wheel,it can also produce other specifications of copper rods,copper pipes and other section shape strip products. The sizes of the cast copper rods could be Φ8-20mm.

Upward Continuous Oxygen-free Copper Rod Casting Machine

Oxygen-free Copper Rod Casting Machine

Product Features (Characteristics)
It is a new process for producing oxygen-free copper rods, first developed by the Shanghai Electric Cable Research Institute of the Ministry of Machinery Industry, with characteristics of advanced technology, good product quality, low unit energy consumption, flexible product variety and specifications, strong adaptability, no waste pollution and low investment, it is an ideal process for copper conductor and copper processing.

Product Appearance (Structure)
The Upward Continuous Oxygen-free Copper Rod Casting Machine is composed of a specially designed cored induction melting and holding combined furnaces, one continuous casting machine with servo motor drive, a wire threading frame, dual take-up machines, cooling water supply and discharge system and electrical control system.

Product Working Method (Principle)
The melting furnace of the system is designed by the principle of electromagnetic induction. After the induction coil is applied with an alternating voltage, an alternating magnetic flux is generated. The magnetic flux passes through the iron core to form a closed magnetic circuit. The alternating magnetic flux induces an electromotive force and a secondary current in the melting channel, and the current is converted into heat energy by the resistance of the metal charge, and the heat can melt the copper in the copper channel.
The production principle of the upcasting method is to suck the copper liquid into the crystallizer by immersing in the negative pressure, and once cooled in the crystallizer, and then enter the secondary cooler for cooling, and the casting rod is taken out into the coil by the wire take-up machine.

Product Production Process
The machine is driven by Japanese YASUKAWA servo motor and equipped with domestic advanced pitch control system. Electrical parts are mainlly Schneider brand, silicon steel sheets for iron core are imported Japanese brand which saves more electricity for our customers.
Upward casting drive mode: AC servo motor drive controlled by Mitsubishi PLC, chain drive using gapless synchronous gear belt transmission.
Rod taking-up form: Variable frequency(Schneider) synchro take-up (automatic widing displacement for 8~12mm copper rod)
Taking-up drive mode:Driven by gear motor
Operation interface: Digital display and control

Product Model (Specification Parameters)

We have professional export team and logistics team which have many years of enperiences of exporting and tranporting the equipment to save you any troubles in delivering the equipment to your site, the machines could be dealed in Incoterms of FOB Shanghai or CIF destination or as designated by you.

We would send you our engineers to guide you in installation and commissioning of your equipment, also our engineers will train your people in how to operate and maintain your equipment.

After Sale
Our company has set up a number of tough emergency service team, on-site experienced engineers and senior technicians who can arrive on the scene in the fastest time for any problems, maintenance and replacement.
The warranty period of our equipment is one year from the date of completion of commissioning. During the warranty period, the fees of maintenance and materials caused by the bad quality of our equipment will be borned by our company; the fees of maintenance and materials caused by the buyer will be borned by the buyer.